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Sse Fit Agreement

You must agree, as part of the sale, to take over the FiT contract and the ownership of the panels. In order for us to register the change of ownership at Ofgem, please complete the FiT application form for the change of ownership. Give us this with ID and proof that you now own the panels – it would usually be a sales contract, a letter from the previous owner or a letter from the lawyer that the panels were included in the sale of real estate. If you are a fits customer, it may be advantageous to switch from FIT to SEG based on your current FIT contract. All you have to do is let us know your current FIT provider when you switch to the SEG rate. For more information on the FIT scheme, visit the FIT Schematic page. Current rates can be find here on Ofgem`s website. Some small businesses have also opted to pay the feed-in tariff. These include Bristol Energy, Ecotricity, Engie, Foxglove Energy, Good Energy, Green Energy UK, iSupply Energy, Robin Hood Energy and Tonik Energy. If you are considering solar modules or have installed a system since FiT closed, you can use the payments via the Smart Export Guarantee. These SEG payments are also required to act as a good selling point for your property. If I don`t read, do I miss my payment? The British government suspended the regime on 1 April 2019. After that date, no new applications will be accredited.

For more information, please visit Ofgem`s website. Production rates for different technologies have varied: FiT tariffs are controlled by Ofgem and BEIS and also depend on when you join the FiT system. Their rates will increase slightly each year in line with inflation. For more information on the prices of new facilities, visit Ofgem. When you move home, ownership of the renewable technology is usually transferred to the new owners of the property. Therefore, they would be eligible for the feed-in tariff. As a new owner, you will need to obtain and provide us with the latest certification numbers from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)open Key Term Pop-up and Energy Certificate Performance (EPC) open Key Term. You can ask the former owner of the local factory for these certificate numbers. Almost one in five people? Members with solar panels told us they were having a hard time getting their FIT when we conducted a survey in May 2018. The most common complaint was that the payment was received later than expected.

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