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Uw Telework Agreement

Proposals for departments and teams that, in response to COVID-19, would quickly telework. All telework agreements are re-evaluated at any time. Permission to telework for regular, casual or contemplated persons may be withheld or revoked by the supervisor. Examples of when an employee is unable to maintain work use and post-sales service levels, or if he has not complied with this directive, or if the telework requirement is inconsistent with the Universities Directive. The supervisory authorities must consider the feasibility of a proposed telework agreement before being approved. The university policy allows staff to telework if the employee`s supervisor (or other designated official) evaluates and approves the telework application and/or the “Telework Plan and Agreement” form. Technical information and classified information from the ORC can request telework from the ORC after six months in office. This interim policy aims to establish a framework for a short-term telework agreement between a UWS employee and his or her supervisor. The UW system has adopted wisconsin Telemuting guidelines as a policy for long-term telework practices. In particular, these government guidelines do not apply to a worker who works short-term from home. This interim policy is intended to provide guidance for situations in which an employee of the UW system wants short-term telework (up to two weeks) on the basis of a staffing need, a service or a need for a system.

The university recognizes two general types of telework agreements: superiors should work with staff to assess their telework demand, taking into account the unit`s business needs, communication and the impact of remote work on other team members. The employee`s willingness to telework may also be part of the thinking. The aim of a telework agreement is to ensure that staff and supervisors have a common understanding of the telework agreement. The content of the agreement should be consistent with the general provisions of the telework plan and the telework agreement (MS Word). The agreement should at least define: 7.0 Other related resources UW Telework Policy: hr.uw.edu/policies/telework/ This interim policy does not apply to workers who work under regular telemutation agreements (not short-term) or to employees who have tele-lived in disability housing licensed by their institution. This interim policy is not intended to prohibit informal one-day telemedicine agreements concluded orally between a staff member and his or her supervisor. There may be circumstances in which a telework application cannot be accepted. In order to demonstrate consistency and fairness within the unit, it is important that the refusal be explained to the employee and based on guidelines, the impact on the operation of the units and/or on the employee`s work data set. In assessing the requirement, the supervisor must determine that staff can effectively perform the duties of the position during telework and, if necessary, work as a member of their team. Some positions and tasks are not suitable for telework.

Monitoring must also note that the telework regime is in line with existing rules, guidelines and collective agreements. Employees who telework often learn that working remotely is different from what was expected and requires specific skills and habits. The following tips will help you come to work from home.

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