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Disagreement Essay

-Thank you, Liz. I got a very useful score (lrsw = 8,9,8,5,7,5). I was only 0.5 out of 8 in writing to get a perfect score! It was a matter of opinion. I accepted in part in others to have ideas to get my bodily gifts. Word count 330 essay and 190 letters (computer-based IELTS is the best thing to do if you like typing, but how I am handwritten). I looked at all your templates and discovered that my problems were mostly articles and punctuations). The best structure you can use for this type of essay is: let`s try to find a better opening for the essay. You cannot ignore part of the question of the trial. The fact that is presented to you is that supermarkets are growing and closing local shows. This is the basis of your essay. The opinion you address is: „Do you think this is the death of local communities?“

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