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Does The Us Have A Trade Agreement With Japan

5. ustr.gov/countries-regions/japan-korea-apec/japan. Japan, an ally of the United States, strongly opposes the idea that its exports threaten the national security of the United States. Worker in 2016 (most recent data).5 For example, Trump said, „And, would I prefer North Korea to have [nuclear weapons] while Japan sits on it and has it? You can be fine, if that`s the case. In other words, where Japan is defending itself against North Korea, which is a real problem. „Transcript: Donald Trump Explains His Foreign Policy Views,“ New York Times, March 26, 2016. U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee, „Joint Statement of the Security Consultative Committee,“ April 19, 2019, in www.mofa.go.jp/files/000470738.pdf; Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA, „Sixth Annual Sasakawa USA Security Forum Focused on New Security Challenges for the U.S.-Japan Alliance,“ April 30, 2019, spfusa.org/sasakawa-blog/sixth-annual-sasakawa-usa-security-forum-focused-on-new-security-challenges-for-the-u-s-japan-alliance/. The Trump administration, however, has expressed skepticism about multilateral organizations. Several members of the Japanese cabinet have expressed disappointment with the Trump administration`s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement14 In addition, deviating from the United States` role as a guarantor of regional stability under the President`s „America First“ approach for Japan and other countries in the region raises broader questions about the alliance`s sustainability.15 While Japan believes that: as the US moves away from its traditional security role, many experts believe that Japan could decide to enter into further partnerships with like-minded countries and adapt its foreign policy to allow for greater flexibility in order to pursue its own national interests independently. Japan is the fourth largest trading partner of the United States, Japanese companies are the second largest source of foreign direct investment in the United States, and Japanese investors are the largest foreign holders of U.S. Treasuries. Trade tensions have escalated under the Trump administration, again focusing on bilateral U.S.

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