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Dual Agency Consent Agreement Ct

There are two real estate licenses in Connecticut, brokers and sellers. When selling a house, you are normally dealing with the seller, but the list is made under the license of the real estate agent of that office or the company. Technically, all the real estate agents under this broker work for you and your ad. Dual Agency comes into effect when a broker (company) represents both the seller, the buyer (or the lessor and the tenant). Dual Agency with informed consent with both parties is allowed in Connecticut by singing a double agency consent agreement. Generally, when signing a buyer or seller, the Dual Agency Consent form is introduced to familiarize them with the concept. However, this must be expressly signed by both designated parties before an offer is made for a given good. History: P.A. 96-159 with effect from 1 June 1997 and applicable to all agreements for the advice and representation of buyers entered into on or after that date; P.A. 98-27 replaced „informed consent“ with „informed consent“ and replaced „buyer`s or lessee`s contract“ with „buyer`s contract on rental agent`s contract“. (3) Sellers and buyers (or owners and tenants) agree: (A) The brokerage firm is not required and may not disclose to that other party any personal, financial or other confidential information without the express written consent of the party whose information is disclosed, other than information about material deficiencies known to the brokerage firm, and other information that the brokerage firm must legally disclose. . .


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