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Section 102 Drainage Agreement

Sanderson Associates offers a comprehensive drainage planning service for developers, ranging from small private drainage systems to large pollution and surface water drainage systems for acquisition with additional SuDS systems, so that developments can meet planning requirements with respect to surface water flow requirements and stormwater drainage requirements. Before the start of the construction of the sewers, an acceptance agreement must be concluded in accordance with Article 104. A loan is also required, which represents 10% of the estimated construction costs. Since 2005, the deposit is mandatory and must represent 10% of the estimated cost of the work. If you want to start your development, but you do not yet have a full technical verification or agreement signed in accordance with Section 104, you must formally request an early start. This does not mean that serious defects remain unattended. The local authority, in its role in the field of public health, has powers that it can use to carry out urgent repairs. Section 102 of the Water Industry Act 1991 provides that the adoption of such sewers is to be considered. Examples of our drainage skills are the comprehensive detailed planning of drainage plans for clients such as large home builders, sustainable drainage designs for important employment developments, including in-line and offline damping, compensation ponds, soakaways, swales, underground storage tanks and dry ponds. The Code for Adoptions was introduced on 1 April 2020, which means that all new applications referred to in Section 104 must comply with the design and construction guide published by Water UK in accordance with the new code.

An agreement under section 104 is entered into and provides a method for a drainage system that has been or is to be constructed, which may be maintained at the expense of the sanitation authorities. The section 104 agreement leads to a drainage system that drains private areas such as roofs and entrances, as well as highway drainage.

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