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Ddsb Collective Agreement 2018

Local collective bargaining between the Board of Directors and its PMP partners is expected to begin at the end of the central negotiation process. The Ontario Elementary Education Teachers` Federation (ETFO) announced that the Ontario Catholic School Trustees` Association and the Ontario Public School Boards Association and the provincial government have successfully negotiated an interim collective agreement on the central terms of their members. For the Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB), our 100 designated early childhood educators are part of it. The details of the agreement remain confidential until they are ratified by all parties. In classes over the age of 15, the kindergarten program is supervised by a teacher and an early childhood educator. If an agreement cannot be reached, there will be a total withdrawal of services by our early childhood educators (EECs) represented by ETF. In the event of a general strike on Monday, parents and guardians are informed directly by a courier before the start of the school day. Updates are also published on www.dcdsb.ca/collectivebargaining. We hope that the negotiations will be concluded as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor the situation and inform it about www.dcdsb.ca/collectivebargaining. Work negotiations with workers` unions of the Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB) are continuing across Ontario.

While the Board of Directors is not directly involved in centralized negotiations at the provincial level, we know that the parties work diligently on collective agreements. The information below contains updates on possible employment measures between the various negotiating groups. We are pleased to inform you that the Ontario Education Workers` Alliance (EWAO), the Ontario government and the Associations of the Board of Directors have reached an interim agreement. „They [the PCs] wanted to be able to move to 28 [students per class],“ Barrett said. We have a collective agreement that talks about 22, and we are not going to abdicate the collective agreement. The teaching profession has made a joke these days, because a large number of people have come in only for money/pension and summer away in them. I know some of these people. I`m outraged that they`re ripping off the school`s paintings. Teachers can go up to 80k per year for 6-hour work (maybe 7-8 depending on whether they have to mark certain tasks/tests), Christmas and March break and 2 whole summer months. Under the old collective agreement, they were allowed to take their 20 sick days a year until they retired. Some of these retired teachers could have had more than 500 sick days on the bench.

(which equates to a maximum of 120,000) We will continue to provide updates as the information is available in www.dcdsb.ca/collectivebargaining. We respect that the legal stages of work are part of the collective bargaining process and we will continue to update families as soon as www.dcdsb.ca/collectivebargaining information becomes available. The Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB) is pleased to announce that the Ontario Teachers` Association (OECD) Durham Occasional Unit and DCDSB have reached an interim local affairs agreement to renew a collective agreement that expires on August 31, 2022. The OECD ratified the agreement with its accession on 29 July 2020 and the Board of Trustees ratified it on 17 August 2020. While negotiations have continued in recent days, no agreement has been reached between the Ontario Teachers` Association (OECD), the Ontario government and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees` Association.

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